Yay Winnie the Pooh!!!


I bought cash with my Google Play Rewards just so I could buy Winnie the Pooh gacha items!  ^-^ Today also was the deal where you get 35 cash instead of only 30!
I played the gacha and felt so lucky! I got a pooh suit!!!! So cute!  I love it!!!

I really wanted any other item as well.  Tigger suit, the dress, the bag or even if I was lucky the animated Pooh hat or the cute animated background! I played again!


I couldn’t believe it!!! I got the chubby and bouncy Pooh hat! I love it!!! I felt sooo lucky!  Lately I get repeats and repeats, so I was amazed! ^o^


I had to make an outfit for it.


I bought some clothes from the shop and sat next to Tigger!

I’m so happy ^^


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