Line TanTan

Line Play is fixing 5000 gems if you download and beat level 10 of Line TanTan!

It’s about a panda who is gong to recover his village’s stolen food from a bandit!

The graphics are so fluid and adorable!



It is a puzzle game. It’s a different take on matching 2 pairs and memory. First you learn to match pairs.


You have to match only if the connection between the pairs is a certain way.  It shows you with drawings.  There is a tutorial when a new mix is thrown in.


They give gifts every now and then with money, hearts (lives), gems, etc.


TanTan hit the bandit, Tutu!

You can also summon pets. These pets give you special abilities. You get one free. You can change between them. If you purchase the same one again your pet levels up.



I got Belle XD


There’s an event with a special pet if you win ^-^ I want to try!!!


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