Line Play Birthstone Event


How cute! You select a month and you get items from that month’s gacha. (This refers to the limited time gacha Line Play releases each month that corresponds with that month’s birthstone.)

With your first purchase, you also get a badge!


Yay badges! I can’t pass that up! Also there are such cute clothes ^-^

Note: The gacha items will match with the month you choose, but the badge may not match with the month you choose. Ie. You may select February and get April’s badge. Also you only get a badge the first time. 

So I chose July or ruby or VII. And it so happened that I got July’s ruby badge! I wanted that badge, so I felt lucky!


Then you can select another birth month and items from another month ^_^

I like this event a lot! It’s a chance to get items you missed this time around for limited item gachas.


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