Line Play New Cherry Wallpaper


I love these wallpapers of Cherry, but they’re so hard to find!

I follow Line Play on Line but didn’t see this on their feed line it said it would be in the update. Is it only posted for Japan and Korea Line Play feeds? Whenever I go to Cherry’s diary, the wallpaper is posted but it’s always low quality and fuzzy.

I took a snappy of this from the Notices section on Line Play because it was the best quality version I could find (even the Line Play Japan blog didn’t have a better version).

I made a border around it to fit my screen. It is not a perfect fit, but for me it is close and it will do. I have posted it here for easy access should you want to use the wallpaper too but a crisper quality.

I am a fan of Line Play, and this is my current wallpaper ^_^!


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