Line Play Reserve a Pet – Cat

Line Play is releasing pets!!!


New ad about Line Play pets

The first pet you can reserve is a cat!

I followed the prompts, and I scrolled:


Announcement of cat item to reserve


Description of the first cat available to reserve


Pet item reserve and pricing

I read the small print, and I mulled over the options…
After 10 minutes, I decided to do it! Why not? 🙂 And by the time it is March or when the update happens, I will have earned back the 21,000 gems!

Here’s the prompts:


Prompt to purchase cat item

Yup, I’m ready! Take my money!


Reserve confirmation for pet item

Alright! It’s done!

I’ll receive the item when Line Play updates to 4.0. Then hopefully the cat will come visit me and be my friend 🙂

Now that’s from what I read.

Now here’s my speculations:
From the small print, it sounds like you can only purchase and place one of the pet items in your home. That sounds like you cannot have 2 of the same pet.

I’m not sure what this means in the future when there are more pets. I don’t know if this means you can only have 1 pet item in the house at a time, or if you can have multiple pets but they have to be unique.

Also it sounds like the pet has to want to come to your house. How often will it come? Can you coax it to come? What does its personality mean? Why is she kind of stand-offish and then friendly? Do we have to gain her trust?

I wonder if you will get to name your pet or play with it. I wonder what’s in store for Line Play 4.0!

What do you think? Did you reserve a cat? Or are you waiting for a pet dog?


3 thoughts on “Line Play Reserve a Pet – Cat

  1. im still trying to figure out the petting thing. when they get pet the 100 times do they stey in ur house? whats they give gifts? how often can u get free pets?


    • I’m still figuring out the pets too. I believe once they are loved enough, they will stay in your house; however, I have not reached that point yet, so I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t received any gifts yet.
      Each day you can pet your cat or dog 10x. The first 2x are free. After 2, they start costing gems. The 3rd time costs 1500 gems. I haven’t ever purchased a petting. If you don’t purchase, you have to wait 6 hours before you can pet again.


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