Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Bingo Card 3

I’m late to the party! This event ended 2/24 @ 11:59pm. I completed it happily on 2/23.

In case you missed it, here is what happens when you complete the 3rd Bingo card:


Tsum Tsum Valentine's Event 2016 Bingo Card 3 filled

I collected all the capsules and chocolates inside of them! This is what the finished Bingo cards looks like. I wish this chocolate box was real! I’d totally buy it!


Tsum tsum valentine's event 2016 Mickey gift

There were 3 choices, and I had already selected the previous 2, so for me, Mickey was my last one.


Tsum Tsum Valentine's 2016 Valentine Minnie gift

I got Valentine’s Minnie! She was sent to my mailbox!


Holographic Tsum Tsum gift box

She’s in a box! I like this holographic box! So pretty and fun to click open even though I know what’s inside!


Valentine's Minnie

Valentine’s Minnie in all her glory! I can’t wait to use her!

Did you finish the Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Event?
Did you finish the special capsule event with the Bumble bee Pooh? (I didn’t. :X)


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