Tsum Tsum Lucky Time

New Easter themed Tsum Tsums are out! And it’s Lucky time!

Bunny Pooh and Bunny Tigger!


Tsum Tsum Bunny Pooh and Bunny Tigger

The lucky time means there are more chances to win one of them (instead of am equal chance).


Tsum Tsum Easter Bunny Pooh and Bunny Tigger

I don’t quite understand Bunny Pooh’s special power.
However, for Tigger, he clears tsum tsums out of the way!

Now this is incentive to purchase premium boxes!

I bought a premium box, and look who was in it!

I never win during lucky time!
Remember the singing Elsa from a year or two ago? Yeah I played that entire lucky time, and I never won her! It was sad! Lucky time just never works for. This is the FIRST time! 😀
He’s so cute!

Here’s a snappy of what he does:

The hunny pot fills up and it pops like a big bubble. I think the fuller it is with hunny the better the points.


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