Tsum Tsum high score

I like to play Tsum Tsum, and I’m not very good at it.  All my friends have higher scores than I do, and they score on a regular basis higher than I do.

So during the Easter event, I was thrilled when I reached my high score!

Honestly I did use 2 power ups (extra time and 5 >4) as well as extend my time.

The event that I was doing was to pop 600 Tsum Tsums in one game using a rosy cheeked Tsum Tsum. My Tsum Tsum of choice is Dale, so of course I chose him!!!



Minoto's Current Tsum Tsum Stats

My stats broken down:
High score: Used Dale with 2 power ups (extra time and 5>4)
Longest Chain: Used either Minnie or Daisy a long time ago to create a long chain
Biggest Combo: Used Rabbit – he’s currently the best for combos!
Most Coins Collected: Maleficent or Jessie – they both reel in the coins! I heard Bumble bee Pooh does too!

What’s the highest score you’ve gotten? What do you average?

I average from 1,000,000 – 2,000,000, but generally nothing higher than that. 

Do you like to use power ups? (Usually I’m too poor to use power ups haha).


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