Line Play Pet at 100

I had the Siamese cat, and I finally reached 100 pets!!!

Siamese gave me a gift when I reached this! It is an interior decoration.


In addition, my cat will always be in the house when you visit!


Also my cat follows me outside and to other houses! She doesn’t follow me to the Square though.



Here my cat is in my profile when you click on my avatar!

Did you get a pet on Line Play? Have you reached 100? Do you have 1 or 2 pets?


2 thoughts on “Line Play Pet at 100

  1. My chat doesn’t follow me at all and I want it to… But it doesn’t any advice because I completed the 100 pet quest


    • Aw I am sorry to hear that. I’m not sure why it’s not following you.

      I am going to ask some troubleshooting questions below and hope one may help. I recognize you may have tried some of the following:

      1. Have you downloaded the latest version of Line Play?

      2. Have you tried optimizing storage on Line Play? (Go to settings in Line Play, optimize storage)

      3. Have you tried clearing cache (Go to settings on your phone, apps, select Line Play, clear cache)?

      3. If that doesn’t work, have you tried clearing your data? (This is will require logging in again) (Go to settings on your phone, apps, select Line Play, clear data)?

      4. If none of those work, try uninstalling Line Play and then reinstalling. (This will require logging in again).

      5. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what’s the issue. It may be a glitch with Line Play and your phone?

      I wish you luck! I hope your cat will follow you everywhere!


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