Sailor Moon Drops

Have you seen the new Sailor Moon game? It’s worth a download!

Its cuteness is pure reason to get it and play it!

When you start, you meet Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Luna, and you learn you are  sailor scout and that you will need to find other scouts!



3D Usagi is super cute! (From Sailor Moon Drops)


There are cut scenes to tell the story. The art is a very cute version of the original anime.

As you can see, this is a match three game like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. The gems are pretty and sparkly. You can get special items to boost your game (bottom left corner).

Also as you progress in the game, you can fill a meter and earn a power-up. Each sailor scout has their own special power.


You go through Tokyo battling baddies and finding sailor scouts! (Sailor Moon Drops)

The art matches the original anime style, and it goes through Sailor Moon’s Tokyo. You progress through the Sailor Moon story meeting and unlocking new sailor scouts. You also have boss levels where you fight evil minions. In the beginning (where I am at), you fight Queen Beryl’s henchmen.


And of course, you meet your hero, Tuxedo Mask who can add more moves to your game if you run out (for 5 gems).

There are also cute extras such as wallpapers to unlock. You can also add friends to play with to send hearts. You get 5 hearts, and if you fail a level, you lose a heart. If you win, you can keep going. If you have lots of friends, you can receive and send hearts from/to them. Your hearts replenish every 30 minutes.

So have you downloaded and played the new Sailor Moon game? What do you think?


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