Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Ekans

Pokemon Go Ekans in the parking lot. Don’t worry I’m on the sidewalk

I also have played Pokemon Go. How about you?

I tried joining as a trainer for several days, but the game always said they couldn’t add me. I did have a Google account though,and I decided to sign up that way. I got an account instantly. 

I have been playing casually. It is pretty cute! 

I like that it adds incentive to going on a walk. Last week we went to walk to Yogurtland and the next day to a sushi place.  We usually would have driven there, but because of Pokemon Go, we walked there. 

(I live in a part of the U.S. where public transport is not reliable and far and few in-between. So driving a car is the usual method).

Over this past weekend we also drove to our downtown and walked around where lots of people were congregating playing Pokemon Go. The game’s an extraordinary phenomenon. 
Some people say really negative things about it.  I guess because it’s kind of a fad and also because some people have not watched where they are walking because they are distracted by the game (ie. People who walk off cliffs in Southern California). Please be safe and watch out for yourself while you play. 

However, I think it’s been generally positive. This game allows those with social anxiety the encouragement to leave their home and be where others are. I read a Facebook post from a mother who has a son on the autism spectrum say that while playing the game he has an easier time interacting with others. Augmented reality games can have positive effects. It’s not perfect and still ableist, but I’d say for being a couple weeks old, it’s doing pretty good. 

I honestly haven’t played much, and my pokemon’s CP is just in the 100’s. I guess I am a super casual gamer, haha. I do mainly get Pidgeys, Rattatas, Ekans and Spearows. I’ll catch what I can get though!

My favorite pokemon I caught so far is Chansey. I would like to catch Clefairy and Gengar but who knows when I’ll run into them!

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Are you playing Pokemon Go? What do you think? What’s your favorite pokemon you’ve caught so far? Which Pokemon do you want to catch?


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