Line Play The Mermaid and the Red Candle

Am I the only one who never noticed the VIP gacha stories?! 

This is the first time I’ve read one, and I thought it was so intriguing!

So I found the story by going to the VIP Castle (now accessible by everyone instead of only Platinum VIP members). I clicked on the “book” bubble icon. 

I really enjoyed this story. It is apparently the 6th story. I’ve missed 5 others.  What did you think of the story? Have you read the other 5? Unfortunately I couldn’t find the other 5 in Line Play. 

Here is the story:

What did you think? Why did her parents who lovingly raised her change their mind so suddenly to sell their daughter? Who was the strange woman who bought all the red candles?

Such a tragic and mystifying tale.


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