Pokemon Go

I’ve always thought it strange to capture and enslave animals, store them in tiny balls and force them to fight each other. 

But I always liked Pokemon and thought it was cute. I started playing Pokemon Go in July.

It actually got me and my significant other to walk more instead of driving. We want to catch Pokemon so we walk to hit up stops we can get to. I feel slightly more fit! I believe I’ve actually lost 2 pounds (3 if the scale was correct today). 

My friends and I have been going out once a week to different locations to search for particular Pokemon. We haven’t been hanging out as often as work has been taking over our lives, so Pokemon Go is an excuse to hang out and  play! I think we are going to try to make it regular! 

This past Pokemon friend night got me able to finally get a Flareon! That’s him or her or whatever up there! 

I hope you are enjoying Pokemon Go as much as I am! How has it changed you?


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