Black Friday on Line Play

There are specials for Black Friday on Line Play!

Event 1

They will be selling 2 cash items and 2 gems items. Each day will have 4 different items. Each item will have a limited amount released. New items are updated everyday at 12am (GMT+9). You’ll have to Google that to find what time that is for you.

So far I haven’t purchased any because I haven’t been interested in the items.

However during this Black Friday event, if you buy 2 items from this special section, you will get special eyes– star eyes! 

Event 2

This is what I am looking forward to!

Each day will have a different sale.

11.23 Up to 50% off on remodel purchases 

11.24 Up to 60% off on interior sets

11.25 Up to 70% off on gachas

11.26 Up to 80% off on gifts

11.27 Up to 90% off pets

What do you plan to buy? What’s your strategy?

I will be saving up for the 11.25 gacha sale and 11.27 pet sale!


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