Happy 4th Birthday Line Play

Line Play is celebrating its 4th year! Whether you’ve been playing for 4 years or just started, Line Play allows you to express yourself and create your own world!

You can be a crazy cat lady or have a room full of pudding! It’s your world!

So what’s been going on for this 4 year celebration?

Event 1

First there’s a 4 day in a row login bonus. It started a few days ago, but there’s still plenty of time.

You just need to log in 4 days in a row. Each day you will get a new gift. (In the photo below I have already logged in all 4 days and collected the bonuses).

The first is a cat statue that is animated and is a music item. So it moves and it changes the music in your room when you put it out! Anyone can hear the different music when they visit your room.

The second item is a pet! It’s a cat named Macaroon! This is the first free pet! She’s super cute and ready to party! If you don’t have a pet, here’s your chance!

The third item is an animated headband. It has fireworks that come out of it! If you don’t have an animated item, this is your chance!

The fourth and last bonus item is a make up item– beautiful sparkly eyes! If you haven’t gotten different eyes before, this is a great opportunity !

These are wonderful gifts! They represent a lot of the new tech and special features Line Play has released this year: musical items, pets, animated items and special facial features (mainly eyes).

Here is a snappy of my favorite gift, receiving Macaroon the cat!

This one is simple but hard. They are giving away 10 cash to the first 1000 users who log in at a certain time– 12am,GMT+9.

I have no idea what time that is for me! So I didn’t even try. You could Google this and give it a shot.

You win by logging in and then going to the event page right on time and you have to be one of the first 1000 to do so!

Event 2

The second event is to share an image. You click the share button on the event page, and then it allows you to select a photo you want to share. The images to choose from celebrate Line Play’s 4th anniversary.

You will win a wall item for your room.

If you share a lot and are one of the top 100 sharers, you can win 100 cash! ( I didn’t attempt it. I don’t think my friends would appreciate me sharing six of same images across my social media ).

Event 3

Draw an image celebrating Line Play’s 4th anniversary, and if you are selected , you could win 1000 cash! There will be 10 winners.

If you make a drawing, make sure to post it to your diary and put #play4

I didn’t do this… I am too bogged down by work @_@

Event 4

Line Play brought back gachas that came out in their first year of existence !

It’s retro gachas!

And lastly, they posted a cute but short video to celebrate their 4th Birthday.

(I couldn’t find the link on YouTube. You’ll have to go in app and click on it to watch).

How are you celebrating Line Play’s 4th birthday? Did you collect all the bonuses? Which is your favorite bonus? How long have you been playing Line Play?


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