Pokemon Go Johto Update

Yay new Pokemon have arrived!

Pokemon Go Johto Update

They’re as cute as ever!!! It’s been awesome to find more Pokemon! 

With new Pokemon there are new moves, new animations and new features!

There are now female and male designations. There are new berries that help catching pokemon. There are new movements where the Pokemon go up and down or side to side making it trickier to capture. 

There’s excitement to having new stuff!

Here are some of the new ones I’ve had the pleasure of running into and capturing

Pokemon Go Johto Totodile

Pokemon Go Johto Chikorita

I was surprised to run into starter Pokemon so fast! I haven’t seen a Cyndaquil yet!

Pokemon Go Johto Espeon

Pokemon Go Johto Umbreon

I knew stocking up on Eevees was a good plan!!!

I got my tips on getting Espeon and Umbreon here: http://bgr.com/2017/02/17/pokemon-go-eevee-evolution-espeon-umbreon/

Pretty much you rename your Eevee “Sakura” for Espeon and “Tamao” for Umbreon.

Pokemon Go Johto Miltank

I always thought Miltank was kind of cute. I was excited to get one! It has very distracting and large udders though..

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Got the luck of getting Wobbuffet– a male and a female! I thought the female had an open mouth…

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

I was wrong– female Wobbuffet has lips!!! O_O Very interesting! Was that in the original game? Hm also Wobbuffets have super high HP!!!

So far I’ve caught 27 out of the 80 new Johto Pokemon! It’s been exciting and fun! 

What new Pokemon have you run into? What new features did you find? What did you like?


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