Pokemon Go Party Hat Pikachu


I started hunting for party hat Pikachu this past Monday (2/27/17). I looked everyday. I didn’t find one until today!!! It didn’t even appear on my radar. I google’d it, but all I read was how rare the party hat Pikachu or Partychu spawned! I found that to be very true!

Today I went out of town (45 minutes away only), and that’s when one popped up on my radar! I was soo shocked! I thought I would never see one! Pikachu is so cute. I was pretty disheartened this past week.

I felt so lucky! I selected to track it. We drove toward the location and it fled! Then it respawned. Then it fled. Then it respawned and we arrived!!! I was able to select it.

I didn’t take any chances. I used a berry and an ultra ball. Its CP was only 114. I was lucky and caught it the first ball! Finally!


How has your luck been finding and catching Partychus? Have you found one yet? If not, I wish you the best of luck! Maybe heading out of of your usual neighborhood could help!

Good luck! Happy hunting!


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