Line Play New Room Tsum Tsum

I am a Tsum Tsum fan so of course I loved when the new Tsum Tsum room and gacha came out! I played it 3x. I got a mini stack of Angel and Scrump. Then I got the headband with Tsums on it. My third spin I won the Dumbo ride!

When I played, Line Play had a promotion, and I also got the floor, wallpaper, and door!

I made my room into a theme park! Come visit me and have lots of fun! Click here!

My Line Play Room

My Line Play Room


2 thoughts on “Line Play New Room Tsum Tsum

  1. Hi, excuse me. I wanted to ask about the treasure island, I have tryed to get the aura but I have gone fishing 4 times and got nothing. It is all about luck?


    • Hi Connye, I unfortunately do not play on Treasure Island. I’ve only done it a couple times. Like gachas and the Las Vegas slot games, I believe it is a lot about luck as you may get the same item twice, and certain items may be rarer. Wish I could be more helpful. You are probably more of an expert on it than I am!


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