Pokemon Go

Lots of little things have happened for me on Pokemon Go!

1. Egg Hatching

Here are some of my newest egg hatches! I never had these Pokemon until I hatched them! 

Hatched Pineco

Hatched Mantine

Mantine is super cute!

2. New Catches

I’ve gotten some new Pokemon!


Swinub is so cute! How it moves is adorable! I wish I knew how to capture animations on the screen!!!


I finally got a Ditto! It was disguised as a Hoothoot!!! My friends have gotten them from Pidgeys and Rattatas. I was surprised to get it as a Hoothoot! How did Ditto disguise itself to you?

Female pikachu

I’ve had Pikachus… but this one is a female! It’s got a heart tail!!!

Who's that Pokemon?

Ok! Who’s that Pokemon?!!!

At first I was sooooo perplexed! It looked like a Turtwig without the leafy bit on top!!!

I finally found who it was!!!


It’s Cyndaquil!!! Without flames!!! Aww Cyndaquil is so cute!!

3. New Evolutions

I evolved some Pokemon!!!

Santa hat Raichu

I evolved my Santa hat Pikachu! And I got Santa hat Raichu!

Party hat Raichu

I evolved my party hat Pikachu and got party hat Raichu! It’s a girl! I learned the difference between female and male Raichus!

Slowpoke evolves



I did this yesterday! I got a Sloking! (Even before I got a Slowbro!)

4. New Event

Ok I haven’t had a chance yet to really participate but there’s a new event!

Pokemon Eggstravaganza

Now I gotta hatch some eggs!!!


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