About the Author

Hello! My name is Minoto!

I don’t share my personal stats (age, race, country) because I’m afraid I’ll fall into a stereotype or that you’ll begin to have preconceptions of who I am. I rather show (by words) than tell!

I like to play games.
1) I can’t claim I’m any good at them.
2) I highly prefer clean cut and/or cute graphics.
3) I prefer puzzle or arcade style games on the phone. On other systems, I may be so inclined to play an RPG (Pokemons FTW!), and I am no good at shooting games (I’ll make you dizzy). In real life, I also play an assortment of card games and board games (I am a follower and never the game master because reading. I’ll probably die in any game similar to Arkham).
4) Games for me are more about fun and cuteness (aka my enjoyment) than winning.
5) I play an assortment of games for various lengths of time.

About the Blog

WHY THIS BLOG YOU SAY!? Sooo I love taking screenshots and sharing images, but I don’t want to spam my Facebook with stuff people don’t care about. I want my own little niche! Thus here is My Snappies!

Please enjoy!


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