Tap My Katamari, How to

Tap My Katamari is a casual tapping game.

My strategy– just give it a go.

My Katamari growing in Tap My Katamari

Rolling my Katamari

It’s much like the Playstation video games. You are Prince, a little green alien who rolls up stuff. The more you roll, the bigger your Katamari gets. 

In this game, you tap and gain gold coins. With the coin money, you can level up Prince to be faster or you can buy your cousins to help you. The faster you are the more money you can get and the  faster you complete missions (reaching certain levels). Your cousins help you by having different attributes that increase your skills. Your levels and cousins stay with you until you turn your Katamari into a star.

You get candy from your father, the King of the Cosmos. You can use the candy for power ups or for buying stars.

The point of making the Katamari is to get stars. You need Prince to reach level 600, and then you can trade it in for stars. The bigger the Katamari, the more stars you get. With  stars, you can get gifts which increase different abilities, and you get to keep these gifts for your game’s entirety  (unlike Prince’s level and your cousins). Once you trade in your Katamari, Prince starts at level 1 again.

I attempted to capture the King turning Prince’s Katamari into a star.

Finish World 1 screen in Tap My Katamari

Finish World 1 screen in Tap My Katamari

Also for each goal (world), you get timed.

There are more details of course, but that’s the basics.

I enjoy the game because you can go your own pace and play whenever. When you’re not playing, Prince and his cousins will continue to roll the Katamari on their own (slower, of course, since you are not tapping).

In addition to being casual, I enjoy the game because of its colorful and fun graphics, which is similar to the art in the original video games! It’s aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

It is also aesthetically pleasing to my ears– the music is great as well! This is another similarity to the original video games. The music is calming and catchy. Some songs have words and some don’t. 

Have you played the game? What’s your strategy? Do you have any questions? 


Miitomo Miis and Review

My friend got the app Miitomo and asked me to join.

It is kind of like a forum just for your friends where the app gives you questions to answer, and your friends can read your responses.

In this game you make an avatar called your Mii. It could look just like you or whatever you want it to be.

There is an option to use your selfie camera for the game to make your avatar. I gave this option a go.

It thinks I look like this:


What Miitomo thinks I look like


What Miitomo thinks I look like

LOL! I got a kick out of that!

However in the end, I made my own Mii! You also get to select personality traits and voice traits.


My Mii on Miitomo

I played Miitomo for about two weeks. It is a pretty good game. You can see your friend’s answers and comment on them. It is cute to see how your Mii acts or reads aloud. I liked reading what my friends wrote.

By answering questions and listening to your friends’ responses, you earn money to buy clothes from the shop to change your Mii’s outfits.

You can even visit a friend’s home on Miitomo and read just that friend’s answers only. However, if you read more than a certain amount, you will have to pay candy to continue reading.

Sometimes it was a chore to write answers or find interesting responses to questions.

My favorite part was answering questions. Some of my friends were really good at making photos with the Miis and I liked looking at those because they were so funny. I sucked at the Mii photo maker. I did like the daily random photo it would make of my own Mii though– they were very cute!

It took a long time to earn money so it is hard to buy what you want.

The main problem for me with Miitomo was that it kept crashing and seemed to make other apps on my phone crash when those apps never did before (and I do manual updates and only Miitomo was the newest / most updated app). It is a big game as well, so in the end, with these issues, I uninstalled it.

I say if you have friends with the game, give it a go! If you don’t like answering questions or reading them, then this game may not be for you.

I would reinstall if the game didn’t crash any more, and there were more things to do with your friends.


I found this game on Google Play Store! Zoombinis! I played this years ago! This is a wonderful puzzle, strategy game! The graphics are great, and the puzzles are challenging. I love it!

So far I have played the game on practice mode and 3 stages on Oh So Hard mode. I’m not sure how the Very Very Hard mode will be!


Making Zoombinis!!! Let’s save them!


Sort them in order of the puzzle.


Graphics <3!!!


Thinking puzzles with a goal besides a score or leveling up! I love that there is a goal to solving the puzzle which is to save Zoombinis!


This is a snappy of my first run through of the game! Can’t wait to save more Zoombinis!!!