Jay Avatar 2

This is the second time I’ve been super stoked and wowed by Jay’s avatar!

Look at all its beauty!


The black and red theme is stark and stylish. Black cats are elegant and so is lace on gothic lolita-esque clothes. A perfect themed avatar!
What luck to also get such beautiful items from the gachas or lucky spins!

Jay Avatar and House

I found this in my feed when I logged in today!


Wow Jay found me!  ^_^!
And she left me a sticker spam πŸ˜„

So I read the comment in my diary, and I saw this super cute avatar!


And when I clicked it, it came to life and it was suuuuper adorable!!!! 😍😍😍 I used the video option on Line Play to capture its ultimate cuteness!


(It is a big photo, but I’ll work on editing! )

I loved Jay’s avatar and her room!


I’m eyeing her food! I’m going to eat all of her treats!