Tsum Tsum Easter Event Rewards

I binge played Tsum Tsum! I guess I get a bit addicted to the special events.

So what do you win when you clear each Easter Bingo card?

Bingo Card 1:


Tsum Tsum Easter Bingo Card 1 Cleared


Tsum Tsum Easter Event Rabbit prize

You get 1 happiness voucher and Rabbit!

Bingo Card 2:


Tsum Tsum Easter Bingo Card 2 Cleared


Tsum Tsum Easter Rabbit prize

You get 1 premium voucher and Rabbit. This second Rabbit power ups the first!

Bingo Card 3:


Tsum Tsum Easter Bingo Card 3 Cleared


Tsum Tsum Easter Skill ticket prize


Tsum Tsum Easter Rabbit prize

You get a skill ticket and a third Rabbit, which powers it up again!

I have found that Rabbit makes excellent combos!


How did you like the Easter event? 🙂
What do you think of Rabbit? Did you get Bunny Pooh and Bunny Tigger? (So far I’ve collected 2 Bunny Pooh’s but no Tigger).

Minoto out.


Tsum Tsum high score

I like to play Tsum Tsum, and I’m not very good at it.  All my friends have higher scores than I do, and they score on a regular basis higher than I do.

So during the Easter event, I was thrilled when I reached my high score!

Honestly I did use 2 power ups (extra time and 5 >4) as well as extend my time.

The event that I was doing was to pop 600 Tsum Tsums in one game using a rosy cheeked Tsum Tsum. My Tsum Tsum of choice is Dale, so of course I chose him!!!



Minoto's Current Tsum Tsum Stats

My stats broken down:
High score: Used Dale with 2 power ups (extra time and 5>4)
Longest Chain: Used either Minnie or Daisy a long time ago to create a long chain
Biggest Combo: Used Rabbit – he’s currently the best for combos!
Most Coins Collected: Maleficent or Jessie – they both reel in the coins! I heard Bumble bee Pooh does too!

What’s the highest score you’ve gotten? What do you average?

I average from 1,000,000 – 2,000,000, but generally nothing higher than that. 

Do you like to use power ups? (Usually I’m too poor to use power ups haha).

Tsum Tsum Easter Event 2016

Tsum Tsum is holding an Easter event! It’s an Easter egg hunt! (It has similarities to  the Valentine’s day event.)


Tsum Tsum Easter Event 2016

It is going on til March 28th.

How do you play this event?

1. You will collect eggs (similar to capsules during the Valentine’s day event). At a certain point, you will win Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) Tsum Tsum.

2. There are cards like the Bingo that you have to complete. Instead of Bingo spaces, you clear stops on a map. Each stop is shaped like an egg. Every 5 stops, there is a big egg to win special prizes at.


Tsum Tsum Easter Event, how to play

3. At the stops with big eggs, egg capsules appear during play. Inside the egg capsule is either money or a character egg inside.

4. To capture the capsule, you must hit it with bubbles or skills 3x. The back of the map/Bingo card, it will show you all the character eggs you’ve collected.


5. If you have a Bunny Pooh or Bunny Tigger, you can capture a capsule with one hit.

6. There are 3 cards, and after you complete each card, you will receive a special Rabbit Tsum Tsum gift.

More Info on the Easter Egg Hunt event.


Tsum Tsum Easter event, how to play 1

Go to your Bingo cards and select the new Easter event card. It will explain how to play.


Tsum Tsum Easter event, how to play 1

Your Bingo card is a map like the above photo. You must travel to each Easter egg; each of which has a special mission to achieve. Every 5 eggs, there is a big egg, and when you clear a big egg’s mission, you win some prizes such as money.


Tsum Tsum Easter event, how to play 2

Big eggs also have missions that require capturing egg-shaped capsules that are released during game play. You must hit the egg with a skill or bubble 3 times in order to win the capsule.
A Bunny Pooh or Bunny Tigger can capture an egg with 1 hit (does not need 3). Also from my experience, you may get a second capsule released during game play. Capsules contain either money or character eggs!


Tsum Tsum Easter event, how to play 3

When you view the back of your map/Bingo card, you can see all the character eggs you have found. There are 3 maps to play through.

Tips and Strategies

With an event and missions, you don’t need to focus on a high score but other statistics.


Tsum Tsum Easter event, bubbles, Miss Bunny

Big Egg Missions:
Use Tsum Tsums that create bubbles such as Marie or Miss Bunny (as shown in image). Every time the Tsum Tsum powers up, activate the skill. Bubbles will appear; however, do not immediately pop the bubbles. Wait until the Easter Egg capsule drops, and get the capsule next to the bubbles. Once next to the bubbles, start popping the bubbles against it! This will ensure you get the capsule!


Tsum Tsum Easter event, skill missions

Activate Skill n Times:
In this mission, it wants us to activate a skill 30 times. If you are talented, you could probably do this in one game. However, if you are like me, a Tsum Tsum with a related skill will help. Select a Tsum Tsum that can generate more of itself such as Eeyore  (as shown in image above). Every time Eeyore is activated, he transforms other Tsum Tsums into Eeyores, and you regenerate your skill meter quickly. In the game above, I activated Eeyore 12 times before time ran out.


Bunny Pooh tips

Bunny Pooh:
I’m sure it’s the same with Bunny Tigger, but it seems that with Bunny Pooh, you get eggs faster during Big egg missions. Also one pop from a bubble or his hunny pot touching the capsule will win the capsule! I have won 3 eggs at once with Bunny Pooh!

I love playing Tsum Tsum, but I bet you all out there have some other amazing tips!

What strategy do you use?
Do you have tips for me?
If I learn more, I will post them here!

Minoto over and out!