Line Play Cancam Yukata Gacha

Cancam has a new gacha of beautiful  summer yukata related items!

I like the yukatas but the accessories are cute too including the umbrella with bubbles… but most of all… the pet cat!

It’s a cash gacha, like usual with the Line Play pets (besides with the pet store). There have been other pets in the gachas, but usually those are VIP gachas, and I don’t pay to play often, so I never reach those and those pets are out of my league. I had to post this one because it’s so cute! It still is cash though: 3 cash for the 1st spin and 15 cash afterwards.

I spun once and got the sparkly yukata shoes.. I don’t have enough to do it again. But it was worth a shot to get the cat!

How about you? Did you spin this gacha? Did you get the cat? 

Maybe in a future post, I can talk about how I receive Google Play credit, which I then use to get Line Play cash.

Good luck on your spins!


Line Play Zoe Room



I haven’t been playing enough gachas. I’ve been saving my gems to play Lucky Spin with the 10x option.

But Zoe’s room shows that regular gachas are worth it! She has many beautiful items from the Cancam interior gacha. Her room is so fresh, floral and sophisticated. It reminds me of the recent Great Gatsby film where Gatsby brings hundreds of floral arrangements to his neighbor’s house to impress Daisy.

Line Play Can Cam room for Valentine’s


The CanCam ads are the best! The detail is perfect. The graphics ate luscious! So en pointe!
Not to mention, I love the CanCam avatar!

As you can see the benefits of playing the gacha 3x is the chocolate cake, and the benefit of 10x is a handsome guest on a stylish sofa! I love these promos when they release a new gacha (especially non-cash gachas)!

I haven’t played the new chocolate Valentine’s gacha yet. What did you get?