Line Play Japan Grand Tour Part 3 (end of event)

Day 5

Osaka, Takoyaki

30 cash

Line Play Japan Grand Tour Osaka takoyaki

Day 6

Kagawa, Udon

20,000 gems

Line Play Japan Grand Tour Kagawa Udon

I can’t even! 30 cash for hair barrettes and 20,000 gems for noodle hair?

I gave up on the 7th day and didn’t even check. This was a disappointing event :[  The event is for cash heavy users. I get cash every now and then. But this was expensive! And it left out any users who can’t spend or afford to pay real money.


Line Play Japan Grand Tour Part 2

So I’ve been doing the grand tour. Oh I knew it was too easy to get special eyes

Day 2

Aomori, northeast Japan, fresh apples!

2000 gems 

Day 3

Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Bay Skyline

60 cash

Oooh why is this item 60 cash!?!? I won’t be able to get the sparkling eyes. 😦

Day 4

Nagoya, heart of Japan, gold shachihoko shoes

Even though I won’t be able to get the gold glittering eyes, I still bought day 4 since this is a special event. It’s high priced gems, but they’re animated!

What do you think of the Japan Grand Tour? Did you buy the special cash item? 

Line Play Cancam Yukata Gacha

Cancam has a new gacha of beautiful  summer yukata related items!

I like the yukatas but the accessories are cute too including the umbrella with bubbles… but most of all… the pet cat!

It’s a cash gacha, like usual with the Line Play pets (besides with the pet store). There have been other pets in the gachas, but usually those are VIP gachas, and I don’t pay to play often, so I never reach those and those pets are out of my league. I had to post this one because it’s so cute! It still is cash though: 3 cash for the 1st spin and 15 cash afterwards.

I spun once and got the sparkly yukata shoes.. I don’t have enough to do it again. But it was worth a shot to get the cat!

How about you? Did you spin this gacha? Did you get the cat? 

Maybe in a future post, I can talk about how I receive Google Play credit, which I then use to get Line Play cash.

Good luck on your spins!

Line Play Cash Gacha Altair and Vega


I absolutely love the image above and the items altogether are soo pretty! I am inspired to do some art of it! Haven’t done it yet, but if I do, I’ll post it!

Anyway I played 1 time and got one of the simpler dresses (not one above). I don’t have enough cash to play again buy maybe someday.

Line Play has done a couple gachas on Altair and Vega. Now I am intrigued and have to look up this legend!