Line Play Summer House

Since it’s summer, I redecorated the interior of my house to match!

Isn’t the exterior cute? It looks like a beach house!

I made it a summer fun house! I tried to make it beachy, but it has penguins, dolphins, seals and other random sea items haha!

What do you think? Did you change your house for summer?

My Line Play House and Avatar

I refreshed my house! It feels good to redecorate!

This time instead of cute, bright pink, purple, green and blue, I selected a toned down palette to be more sophisticated and less busy.

It feels new and less cluttered! Nice change for summer!


I also changed my avatar. I do that quite a bit, but today’s avatar is a little different than usual for me. It is kind of nautical.


Today feels fresh! I wanted to record this feeling for posterity!