Line Play Cogs of Fate Lottery


Man sometimes I feel so lucky!

I finally made it to gold VIP in Line Play this month.
I haven’t been playing as much (also why there’s less posts). And this month Line Play gave all players a boost to make VIP. I finally logged in enough days to get the boost!

I’ve been saving my cash for something nice, and the first time I play this VIP lucky thing I get an item I wanted and liked! I think it’s one of the best prizes in this thing!

Sometimes I have total luck like this, especially with cash items, and sometimes I get the same pair of shoes in a row (sometines 3x!)! I guess you win some and lose some (or a lot).


My Line Play Avatar


Face Shop is 80% off! Down from 50,000 gems to 10,000 gems!

I took the deal! I’ve been wanting new eyes and eyebrows!

For the sale, they took out some eyes such as the super colorful and sparkly eyes as well as the snowflake eyes. Those were the ones I’ve been thinking about, but I never committed.

So I got eyes that are a little sparkly yet also keep elements of the round, brown eyes I had before.

Here’s my new avatar look! :


The new eyes fit any Sugar Bonbon styles and pastel colors! I like the heart sparkle ^_^

Did you take advantage of the Face Shop sale? What did you change?

Line Play Face Options


I took this snappy from the Sugar Bonbon promo for the end of January (up to 50% off Sugar Bonbon gachas and 30% off animated gachas).

What I noticed is the faces of each avatar in the ad and their eyes and mouth are not in the face shop! I checked and the face is Bonnie’s, the avatar of Sugar Bonbon.

Some special character avatars, Line Play makes the faces special and they aren’t available in the face shop because they’re custom.

However for some gachas, they use new face features in the ads and banners that get released to the face shop at later dates.

I wonder if they’ll ever release these eyes and mouth to the face shop. I also wonder if they’ll ever do the same with Cherry’s features.