Jokayn house

Jokayn is one of my amazing Line friends who has amazing avatar posts! I love looking through her diary because she makes impressive and creative collages with her avatar!

She stands out from the rest because she is blue skinned with perfect pink lips!


Right now her house is a perfect replica of a city street!


Look, I have a fancy car!
C’mon Jokayn! Jump in!  Let’s head out and get some yummy snacks!


Also I appreciate when she comments and sticker spams me 🙂 Jokayn is very thoughtful and I’m glad to have me her on Line Play!


My House on Line Play


I’m planning to change my house for summer! It’s June 21st!!!

Also if you want a cute house like this, please join playing with me! My name is minoto on Line Play!

If you do not have Line Play, I recommend downloading it ^-^ you won’t be disappointed! Be your creative self!  *points below*


Download LINE PLAY and enter this invitation code for bonuses! YY-4628-0802