ShaD♡ Line Play Room

What a cute avatar with purple accents!

Line Play Purple themed Avatar
Line Play Purple themed RoomThe purpleness continues in this cute purple themed room! Sometimes I wish my real home looked just like these. Ah love visiting such cute virtual homes!!!


Kirakiraren Line Play House

Kirakiraren made a hospitable hotel! I’m impressed! I love how it has the lobby with Christmas tree and a comfortable place to sit. The most impressive part is the stairs to the 3 rooms on the floor. The corridor has beautiful carpet. I think I hear some relaxing music from the piano!

Line Play Fall

My Line Play house

October is over. Good bye Halloween and spooky haunts!

It is a new month now! It is November! I prepared my Line Play house for the change in season: warm colors, cozy spaces and fall leaves! Let’s get snuggly!

I hope Line Play creates more fall items and gachas. I don’t feel like I have enough fall items!

How about you? Are you ready for fall? Did you update your house? How will you decorate your avatar?

Happy Pet Story


I have been playing this new game and am loving it. It is Happy Pet Story, and one of my favorite things is that there is always something to do! They have little activities you can play. I also like visiting other people’s houses.
More on this later.
I need to check if my initial post on Happy Pet Story went through a couple days ago!

All my #HappyPetStory rooms are special-themed rooms! FREE room with Invite Code: S7868 to add ur special touch!