Line Play 2016 Happy Box

Line Play came out with these lucky boxes for the New Year! So I decided to give it a go!

I wish it said what exactly were the items you can get.
Anyways, here goes!

I selected the 10,000 gem box first



This is what I got from the 10k gem box.

I also played the 3k gem box.



These were the items that I got. I have to say that the 3k gem box was a deal. I like these items! I already had the toadstool dress, but I didn’t have the jade bath or the pond. I love to change my room up, so I enjoy these items 🙂

I may play the 3k gem box again… I’m not sure! What did you get?


Line Play Event

I played.  I am not a fan.


So there is a list of items. They’re cute and adventure themed.

Even the idea of a game is cute.
So I played for 3000 gems.

It shows the game screen:


I thought there was a definitive answer.  It looked like the left path was fastest. So I chose that one.

I got this screen:


I got an item (desk) and this fail screen.

I played again the same path question for the 2600 gems. I chose the other path, and I failed again!  (Got the wall map item).

By playing,  I learned there is no correct answer, left or right. It is a game of pure chance.

You may be lucky and win each time, or you may be like me and lose.

You still get items, but I’m not a fan of it telling me I lost ;_;. Haha!

I hope you win!

Yay Winnie the Pooh!!!


I bought cash with my Google Play Rewards just so I could buy Winnie the Pooh gacha items!  ^-^ Today also was the deal where you get 35 cash instead of only 30!
I played the gacha and felt so lucky! I got a pooh suit!!!! So cute!  I love it!!!

I really wanted any other item as well.  Tigger suit, the dress, the bag or even if I was lucky the animated Pooh hat or the cute animated background! I played again!


I couldn’t believe it!!! I got the chubby and bouncy Pooh hat! I love it!!! I felt sooo lucky!  Lately I get repeats and repeats, so I was amazed! ^o^


I had to make an outfit for it.


I bought some clothes from the shop and sat next to Tigger!

I’m so happy ^^