Line Play Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017

I love these lucky spins. Yeah you can get duplicates, but you can also earn up to 70,000 gems!!! This is usually how I build up my gems (doing chores doesn’t earn as fast). I especially love the 10x spin!

Here are the items you can get

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017 Items

Aren’t they adorable? I love animated items and cute polar bears!!!

I got this on my 10x spin

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017 Wins

Have you played? What did you get?


Line Play 5th Anniversaryย 

This is a late post, but I hope you enjoyed the anniversary party! 

I liked all the gachas they made! I love when they give free items as well! ๐Ÿ’–

Line Play 5th Anniversary

Line Play New Room Tsum Tsum

I am a Tsum Tsum fan so of course I loved when the new Tsum Tsum room and gacha came out! I played it 3x. I got a mini stack of Angel and Scrump. Then I got the headband with Tsums on it. My third spin I won the Dumbo ride!

When I played, Line Play had a promotion, and I also got the floor, wallpaper, and door!

I made my room into a theme park! Come visit me and have lots of fun! Click here!

My Line Play Room

My Line Play Room

Line Play: How to play Catch of the Day or Fishing

I have not really played Catch of the Play or Fishing. So I tried today!

It is relatively simple, but I made a short how-to post for those who are interested. This post may be updated to time to time as the game updates or changes.

First go to Treasure Island in Line Square.

Then you buy the fishing potion from Madame Wheezy. It costs 2000 gems and lasts for 30 minutes. This allows you to fish for 30 minutes.

Second, take a spot on one of the bronze coins with a fish on them.

A quick how to will show.


Next your screen will have a start button. You may want to zoom out if you are super zoomed in.  Once you push the button, you will cast your line and start fishing.


You will see your red lure bobbing in the water.


This is a game of reaction. You will push the “hit” button once your red lure disappears.

If you are fast enough, you will catch a fish, trash, or treasure chest.

If you are not, you will not catch the fish. Sometimes this can be frustrating.

As you catch more fish, your fishing level increases. The better your level the better your catches. There are potions that increase your fishing level for 30 minutes that you can purchase and use too.

I hope this helps your fishing journey! If you have questions, feel free to post a comment. If you have tips, feel free to post a comment as well!

Line Play 2016 Happy Box

Line Play came out with these lucky boxes for the New Year! So I decided to give it a go!

I wish it said what exactly were the items you can get.
Anyways, here goes!

I selected the 10,000 gem box first



This is what I got from the 10k gem box.

I also played the 3k gem box.



These were the items that I got. I have to say that the 3k gem box was a deal. I like these items! I already had the toadstool dress, but I didn’t have the jade bath or the pond. I love to change my room up, so I enjoy these items ๐Ÿ™‚

I may play the 3k gem box again… I’m not sure! What did you get?