Line Play Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017

I love these lucky spins. Yeah you can get duplicates, but you can also earn up to 70,000 gems!!! This is usually how I build up my gems (doing chores doesn’t earn as fast). I especially love the 10x spin!

Here are the items you can get

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017 Items

Aren’t they adorable? I love animated items and cute polar bears!!!

I got this on my 10x spin

Lucky Animal Club Polar Bear 2017 Wins

Have you played? What did you get?


Line Play Jackpot Animal Club Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin please give me lots of luck!!!

Line Play Jackpot Animal club

I love when lucky spins have the 10x spin! This one didn’t, but it had a lot of cute hamster, pastel, cutesy items! I gave it a go.

It did give me some luck!

Line Play Jackpot Animal club prize

May it give you as much luck! Let’s keep spinning! Let’s hope for luck in real life and online! 😀

Line Play Cupids Arrow Lucky Spin


Lucky spin Cupid's Arrow

This is an older snappy that I didn’t get a chance to post.
I really loved the items for this Lucky spin that I did the 10x spin!
I feel that I received quite a few items that I really like!
I would have liked to play again, but this lucky spin seemed to be available for only a short period of time.

Did you play?
What’s your favorite item you received?

Sapphire Fox

A new lucky spin came out on Line Play caped Sapphire Fox and I absolutely love it! Maybe it’s just the graphic on the event page, but it is so pretty, and my avatar doesn’t have enough blue items.


It is so magical and regal! How could anyone not resist giving it a try?


The items are all beautiful! The shine of the moon intertwined with gilded gold designs is elegant and refined!  With each spin, you’re a winner every time!

It was worth a 10 spin for 27k!


The items above was what I received the first time! The wheel stopped under “rare item.” I was very happy with the hair, the gold, the home item and wings. It was disappointing, however, to receive 4 pairs of the same shoes. (I wish I could gift the shoes). It still seemed worth it overall.

I didn’t get many of the items, and so I tried a second spin of 10x for 27k.


This time the wheel stopped at “s-rare item.” I was super happy to receive an animated item! All of them are so pretty! I’m also glad I received the second hair style and the dress. I’m not super happy with the multiple couches, but it could work out if and when I decorate my house with blue items!


This is a shot of my avatar with the Sapphire Fox wings, hair, and shoes (unseen). Plus it has the animated wall decor! It’s so beautiful that I had to make a gif too!