Line Play Fall

My Line Play house

October is over. Good bye Halloween and spooky haunts!

It is a new month now! It is November! I prepared my Line Play house for the change in season: warm colors, cozy spaces and fall leaves! Let’s get snuggly!

I hope Line Play creates more fall items and gachas. I don’t feel like I have enough fall items!

How about you? Are you ready for fall? Did you update your house? How will you decorate your avatar?


My Line Play Avatar


Face Shop is 80% off! Down from 50,000 gems to 10,000 gems!

I took the deal! I’ve been wanting new eyes and eyebrows!

For the sale, they took out some eyes such as the super colorful and sparkly eyes as well as the snowflake eyes. Those were the ones I’ve been thinking about, but I never committed.

So I got eyes that are a little sparkly yet also keep elements of the round, brown eyes I had before.

Here’s my new avatar look! :


The new eyes fit any Sugar Bonbon styles and pastel colors! I like the heart sparkle ^_^

Did you take advantage of the Face Shop sale? What did you change?

My room (Minoto), come visit me!


I just rearranged my room for fall!

The theme is cozy treats. Smell the warm coffee! Grab some savory, fresh chocolate!  There’s plenty of places to cozy up or chat with friends!

Come visit my avatar’s room!

Plus,  this photo below is a behind the scenes look at how I set up my room.


I scanned through all my items and took out everything that I thought would fit this cozy theme. Some items stayed. Others didn’t. My favorite things are stuff I got on sale in the home items store.

Line Play, End of June


I got all the days! I missed a few days so I wasn’t sure I’d get this!


I need to check this gacha out! New CanCam gacha! I like the dolphin floatie lol! But do I like it enough to spend 3000 gems × 5 to get it????


I love the Sugar Bon Bon items!  I couldn’t pass it up to get a discount in the shop in Line City square! I went and the shop is mostly 30% off!

I got a few things on my wishlist!
Here’s my updated avatar!!!


Love the penguin items!

Now do I spend all my money on the Sugar Bon Bon gachas?!