Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Ekans

Pokemon Go Ekans in the parking lot. Don’t worry I’m on the sidewalk

I also have played Pokemon Go. How about you?

I tried joining as a trainer for several days, but the game always said they couldn’t add me. I did have a Google account though,and I decided to sign up that way. I got an account instantly. 

I have been playing casually. It is pretty cute! 

I like that it adds incentive to going on a walk. Last week we went to walk to Yogurtland and the next day to a sushi place.  We usually would have driven there, but because of Pokemon Go, we walked there. 

(I live in a part of the U.S. where public transport is not reliable and far and few in-between. So driving a car is the usual method).

Over this past weekend we also drove to our downtown and walked around where lots of people were congregating playing Pokemon Go. The game’s an extraordinary phenomenon. 
Some people say really negative things about it.  I guess because it’s kind of a fad and also because some people have not watched where they are walking because they are distracted by the game (ie. People who walk off cliffs in Southern California). Please be safe and watch out for yourself while you play. 

However, I think it’s been generally positive. This game allows those with social anxiety the encouragement to leave their home and be where others are. I read a Facebook post from a mother who has a son on the autism spectrum say that while playing the game he has an easier time interacting with others. Augmented reality games can have positive effects. It’s not perfect and still ableist, but I’d say for being a couple weeks old, it’s doing pretty good. 

I honestly haven’t played much, and my pokemon’s CP is just in the 100’s. I guess I am a super casual gamer, haha. I do mainly get Pidgeys, Rattatas, Ekans and Spearows. I’ll catch what I can get though!

My favorite pokemon I caught so far is Chansey. I would like to catch Clefairy and Gengar but who knows when I’ll run into them!

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Are you playing Pokemon Go? What do you think? What’s your favorite pokemon you’ve caught so far? Which Pokemon do you want to catch?


Miitomo Miis and Review

My friend got the app Miitomo and asked me to join.

It is kind of like a forum just for your friends where the app gives you questions to answer, and your friends can read your responses.

In this game you make an avatar called your Mii. It could look just like you or whatever you want it to be.

There is an option to use your selfie camera for the game to make your avatar. I gave this option a go.

It thinks I look like this:


What Miitomo thinks I look like


What Miitomo thinks I look like

LOL! I got a kick out of that!

However in the end, I made my own Mii! You also get to select personality traits and voice traits.


My Mii on Miitomo

I played Miitomo for about two weeks. It is a pretty good game. You can see your friend’s answers and comment on them. It is cute to see how your Mii acts or reads aloud. I liked reading what my friends wrote.

By answering questions and listening to your friends’ responses, you earn money to buy clothes from the shop to change your Mii’s outfits.

You can even visit a friend’s home on Miitomo and read just that friend’s answers only. However, if you read more than a certain amount, you will have to pay candy to continue reading.

Sometimes it was a chore to write answers or find interesting responses to questions.

My favorite part was answering questions. Some of my friends were really good at making photos with the Miis and I liked looking at those because they were so funny. I sucked at the Mii photo maker. I did like the daily random photo it would make of my own Mii though– they were very cute!

It took a long time to earn money so it is hard to buy what you want.

The main problem for me with Miitomo was that it kept crashing and seemed to make other apps on my phone crash when those apps never did before (and I do manual updates and only Miitomo was the newest / most updated app). It is a big game as well, so in the end, with these issues, I uninstalled it.

I say if you have friends with the game, give it a go! If you don’t like answering questions or reading them, then this game may not be for you.

I would reinstall if the game didn’t crash any more, and there were more things to do with your friends.

Tiny Farm


I stopped playing this game a year ago. I think too much was happening in the game for me, and I couldn’t keep up. I didn’t have enough money in the game or enough space for all my animals, and there were so many new animals to breed!  I couldn’t keep up with all the quests! So I gave up…

I am back now because I always liked the graphics, and I decided that I will do what
I want and not worry about the quests. I will move at my own pace. It’s just a game.

I love decorating my farm and the cute animals. The graphics in this game are high quality and well-designed. There is always a goal to work towards, and there are lots of little rewards should you want to achieve them all (have time for them all). 🙂

10B Wives


10B Wives or 10 Billion Wives
This is a casual games of points. It’s cute and simple, and honestly I do not have a good strategy. I’m sure some have created strategies and others have experience with games like this , but I don’t… yet, haha. 

Neko Atsume


My friend started playing this game first and it looks so silly! Months later this game was released in English! And here I am!

The game is about your yard. The objective is to make your yard attractive to cats! Then you collect photos of the cats as proof, and in return for such an awesome yard and goodies, the cats will give you “mementos.”

It’s a very casual game that you check up. There is strategy in that certain cats like certain toys.

I like the pixel graphics as well as the design of the cats. They have faces with empty looks and the butthole detail.

Line TanTan

Line Play is fixing 5000 gems if you download and beat level 10 of Line TanTan!

It’s about a panda who is gong to recover his village’s stolen food from a bandit!

The graphics are so fluid and adorable!



It is a puzzle game. It’s a different take on matching 2 pairs and memory. First you learn to match pairs.


You have to match only if the connection between the pairs is a certain way.  It shows you with drawings.  There is a tutorial when a new mix is thrown in.


They give gifts every now and then with money, hearts (lives), gems, etc.


TanTan hit the bandit, Tutu!

You can also summon pets. These pets give you special abilities. You get one free. You can change between them. If you purchase the same one again your pet levels up.



I got Belle XD


There’s an event with a special pet if you win ^-^ I want to try!!!