Pokemon Go Johto Update

Yay new Pokemon have arrived!

Pokemon Go Johto Update

They’re as cute as ever!!! It’s been awesome to find more Pokemon! 

With new Pokemon there are new moves, new animations and new features!

There are now female and male designations. There are new berries that help catching pokemon. There are new movements where the Pokemon go up and down or side to side making it trickier to capture. 

There’s excitement to having new stuff!

Here are some of the new ones I’ve had the pleasure of running into and capturing

Pokemon Go Johto Totodile

Pokemon Go Johto Chikorita

I was surprised to run into starter Pokemon so fast! I haven’t seen a Cyndaquil yet!

Pokemon Go Johto Espeon

Pokemon Go Johto Umbreon

I knew stocking up on Eevees was a good plan!!!

I got my tips on getting Espeon and Umbreon here: http://bgr.com/2017/02/17/pokemon-go-eevee-evolution-espeon-umbreon/

Pretty much you rename your Eevee “Sakura” for Espeon and “Tamao” for Umbreon.

Pokemon Go Johto Miltank

I always thought Miltank was kind of cute. I was excited to get one! It has very distracting and large udders though..

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Got the luck of getting Wobbuffet– a male and a female! I thought the female had an open mouth…

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

I was wrong– female Wobbuffet has lips!!! O_O Very interesting! Was that in the original game? Hm also Wobbuffets have super high HP!!!

So far I’ve caught 27 out of the 80 new Johto Pokemon! It’s been exciting and fun! 

What new Pokemon have you run into? What new features did you find? What did you like?


Disney Magic Kingdoms

Have you gotten a chance to play Disney Magic Kingdoms yet?

In Disney Magic Kingdoms, you have the chance to create and run a Disney theme park! That’s selling point enough for me to give it a shot!

So you get the game, and you start off with main street and a Disney castle – you are already witness to glorious, vibrant Disney graphics. The music also recreates the Disney atmosphere. It’s like you’re actually at a Disney theme park!

However, the kingdom is not well. The premise of the game is that there are curses set by evil Disney villains. You must help clear them!

You will complete quests to garner more help from Disney characters. You and the Disney characters can help restore the kingdom back to its full wonder!

You can hold parades, build attractions, maintain concessions to help fix the park.


Disney Castle during a parade. Fireworks shoot off. (Disney Magic Kingdoms)

Here I have clicked on Mickey. It shows me what quests he can do. Each quest gives you experience (stars) and magic (blue potion bottles). In addition, certain quests give you a chance to earn tokens (the last graphic that says “uncommon” in this photo).


Mickey and his quests in Disney Magic Kingdoms

You use tokens to unlock more Disney characters to help you on your way!


The next image is a snappy of my park. The graphics are luscious, detailed, animated and in full 3D. You can zoom in and out with ease. It is a graphics-heavy game, and it will not work well with lesser-equipped devices. (Sometimes my device cannot handle the graphics).

In this snappy, you can see that I am building a burger concession stand in the upper left hand corner. At this point, it will take 60 more minutes. Each quest, character level-up, building and vanquishing of curse takes time.

In this photo you can also see Mickey in the bottom center. He is fulfilling wishes of the children in the right side with Mickey bubbles. When you fulfill wishes, the higher your park happiness meter grows! You can see my happiness meter in the upper left hand corner showing 79%. The higher your happiness meter, the better chances you will get tokens, which will help you get new Disney friends and level up your current characters.

Also in the left hand side, you can see my main quests.


A snappy of my park in Disney Magic Kingdoms

In the snappy below, you will see Mickey. On the left hand side, it shows you the tokens required to boost Mickey up to the next level. Also, this is one of my favorite graphics of the game because it is so magical! They’re straight from a fairytale!


Mickey Mouse’s required tokens to Level Up in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Here are more graphics from the game. This is main street. It is so beautifully designed!  I can even spot Mickey ears on the golden entrance gates!


Beautiful graphics of Disney Magic Kingdoms- Main street

This snappy below shows you what you get the higher your happiness meter is.


How to enhance your happiness meter in Disney Magic Kingdoms

This shows you your happiness meter. You can always push on the “?” buttons to learn more about what you are seeing. Just click everywhere to learn more about the game!


My full screen happiness meter in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Below is a snappy of Mickey’s house. His house is an attraction. Attractions earn experience and magic. You can see this attraction is ready to be harvested because of the little bubble with the blue potion bottle.


Mickey’s House in Disney Magic Kingdoms

So far I like the game mostly because of the atmosphere it presents. It stems from the gorgeous eye-pleasing graphics, and the finishing touch is the music. The music really gives you the feel that you are in a Disney theme park! You hear classic themes that are based on the characters you have to use.

Another part that I like is that there is some strategy to it. You need to figure out what you want to do in the best order.

The part that is not my favorite is that everything is so slow. Everything takes time. Your quests, level-ups, vanquishing evil, attractions, building, etc. It all takes time. It is a very slow build. I would not recommend this game for everyone because it can be slow. You can only do so much at a time.

It is also new, so there are not a lot of things to buy. There are not a lot of concessions, decorations, or attractions that you can fill your park with.

However, with time, this may change.

What is your experience? Do you play? Is there anything you have questions about? I’m rather new, but I can try to help!