Line Play Summer House

Since it’s summer, I redecorated the interior of my house to match!

Isn’t the exterior cute? It looks like a beach house!

I made it a summer fun house! I tried to make it beachy, but it has penguins, dolphins, seals and other random sea items haha!

What do you think? Did you change your house for summer?


Tiny Farm

The Christmas penguin was sooo difficult for me to get! I don’t know how many times I breed penguins for the Christmas penguin! I was so happy to get this!!!! I was so surprised! It was the day before the event ended!


I also have never tamed an animal! I was so happy to get such a cute animal!!! ^^ I visited Alfredo’s farm and looked for those with visiting animals.


Let’s see what else I can achieve at Tiny Farm.

I want to remodel my farm. I also want to invest more into the animal certification and barn storage space!