Pokemon Go Winter Screen

I love the new Pokemon Go screen. I took this Snappy a little bit ago.

Posting this posterity ❤
Pokemon Go Holiday Load Screen


Pokemon Go

Lots of little things have happened for me on Pokemon Go!

1. Egg Hatching

Here are some of my newest egg hatches! I never had these Pokemon until I hatched them! 

Hatched Pineco

Hatched Mantine

Mantine is super cute!

2. New Catches

I’ve gotten some new Pokemon!


Swinub is so cute! How it moves is adorable! I wish I knew how to capture animations on the screen!!!


I finally got a Ditto! It was disguised as a Hoothoot!!! My friends have gotten them from Pidgeys and Rattatas. I was surprised to get it as a Hoothoot! How did Ditto disguise itself to you?

Female pikachu

I’ve had Pikachus… but this one is a female! It’s got a heart tail!!!

Who's that Pokemon?

Ok! Who’s that Pokemon?!!!

At first I was sooooo perplexed! It looked like a Turtwig without the leafy bit on top!!!

I finally found who it was!!!


It’s Cyndaquil!!! Without flames!!! Aww Cyndaquil is so cute!!

3. New Evolutions

I evolved some Pokemon!!!

Santa hat Raichu

I evolved my Santa hat Pikachu! And I got Santa hat Raichu!

Party hat Raichu

I evolved my party hat Pikachu and got party hat Raichu! It’s a girl! I learned the difference between female and male Raichus!

Slowpoke evolves



I did this yesterday! I got a Sloking! (Even before I got a Slowbro!)

4. New Event

Ok I haven’t had a chance yet to really participate but there’s a new event!

Pokemon Eggstravaganza

Now I gotta hatch some eggs!!!

Pokemon Go Party Hat Pikachu


I started hunting for party hat Pikachu this past Monday (2/27/17). I looked everyday. I didn’t find one until today!!! It didn’t even appear on my radar. I google’d it, but all I read was how rare the party hat Pikachu or Partychu spawned! I found that to be very true!

Today I went out of town (45 minutes away only), and that’s when one popped up on my radar! I was soo shocked! I thought I would never see one! Pikachu is so cute. I was pretty disheartened this past week.

I felt so lucky! I selected to track it. We drove toward the location and it fled! Then it respawned. Then it fled. Then it respawned and we arrived!!! I was able to select it.

I didn’t take any chances. I used a berry and an ultra ball. Its CP was only 114. I was lucky and caught it the first ball! Finally!


How has your luck been finding and catching Partychus? Have you found one yet? If not, I wish you the best of luck! Maybe heading out of of your usual neighborhood could help!

Good luck! Happy hunting!

Pokemon Go Johto Update

Yay new Pokemon have arrived!

Pokemon Go Johto Update

They’re as cute as ever!!! It’s been awesome to find more Pokemon! 

With new Pokemon there are new moves, new animations and new features!

There are now female and male designations. There are new berries that help catching pokemon. There are new movements where the Pokemon go up and down or side to side making it trickier to capture. 

There’s excitement to having new stuff!

Here are some of the new ones I’ve had the pleasure of running into and capturing

Pokemon Go Johto Totodile

Pokemon Go Johto Chikorita

I was surprised to run into starter Pokemon so fast! I haven’t seen a Cyndaquil yet!

Pokemon Go Johto Espeon

Pokemon Go Johto Umbreon

I knew stocking up on Eevees was a good plan!!!

I got my tips on getting Espeon and Umbreon here: http://bgr.com/2017/02/17/pokemon-go-eevee-evolution-espeon-umbreon/

Pretty much you rename your Eevee “Sakura” for Espeon and “Tamao” for Umbreon.

Pokemon Go Johto Miltank

I always thought Miltank was kind of cute. I was excited to get one! It has very distracting and large udders though..

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Got the luck of getting Wobbuffet– a male and a female! I thought the female had an open mouth…

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

Pokemon Go Johto Wobbuffet

I was wrong– female Wobbuffet has lips!!! O_O Very interesting! Was that in the original game? Hm also Wobbuffets have super high HP!!!

So far I’ve caught 27 out of the 80 new Johto Pokemon! It’s been exciting and fun! 

What new Pokemon have you run into? What new features did you find? What did you like?

Pokemon Go

I’ve always thought it strange to capture and enslave animals, store them in tiny balls and force them to fight each other. 

But I always liked Pokemon and thought it was cute. I started playing Pokemon Go in July.

It actually got me and my significant other to walk more instead of driving. We want to catch Pokemon so we walk to hit up stops we can get to. I feel slightly more fit! I believe I’ve actually lost 2 pounds (3 if the scale was correct today). 

My friends and I have been going out once a week to different locations to search for particular Pokemon. We haven’t been hanging out as often as work has been taking over our lives, so Pokemon Go is an excuse to hang out and  play! I think we are going to try to make it regular! 

This past Pokemon friend night got me able to finally get a Flareon! That’s him or her or whatever up there! 

I hope you are enjoying Pokemon Go as much as I am! How has it changed you?

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Ekans

Pokemon Go Ekans in the parking lot. Don’t worry I’m on the sidewalk

I also have played Pokemon Go. How about you?

I tried joining as a trainer for several days, but the game always said they couldn’t add me. I did have a Google account though,and I decided to sign up that way. I got an account instantly. 

I have been playing casually. It is pretty cute! 

I like that it adds incentive to going on a walk. Last week we went to walk to Yogurtland and the next day to a sushi place.  We usually would have driven there, but because of Pokemon Go, we walked there. 

(I live in a part of the U.S. where public transport is not reliable and far and few in-between. So driving a car is the usual method).

Over this past weekend we also drove to our downtown and walked around where lots of people were congregating playing Pokemon Go. The game’s an extraordinary phenomenon. 
Some people say really negative things about it.  I guess because it’s kind of a fad and also because some people have not watched where they are walking because they are distracted by the game (ie. People who walk off cliffs in Southern California). Please be safe and watch out for yourself while you play. 

However, I think it’s been generally positive. This game allows those with social anxiety the encouragement to leave their home and be where others are. I read a Facebook post from a mother who has a son on the autism spectrum say that while playing the game he has an easier time interacting with others. Augmented reality games can have positive effects. It’s not perfect and still ableist, but I’d say for being a couple weeks old, it’s doing pretty good. 

I honestly haven’t played much, and my pokemon’s CP is just in the 100’s. I guess I am a super casual gamer, haha. I do mainly get Pidgeys, Rattatas, Ekans and Spearows. I’ll catch what I can get though!

My favorite pokemon I caught so far is Chansey. I would like to catch Clefairy and Gengar but who knows when I’ll run into them!

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Pokemon Go Meowth in my hand

Are you playing Pokemon Go? What do you think? What’s your favorite pokemon you’ve caught so far? Which Pokemon do you want to catch?