Line Play Updates August 2016

It’s August! Can you believe it? It’s almost the end of summer! It’s time for back to school. You can play Summertime Sadness now.
In Line Play, there’s a new daily log in chart!

With each day, you get 5 stars to become nearer and nearer to VIP status!

At the end of 25 log in’s, you’d have earned 125 stars without spending any money!

This would push you up to Platinum status! Anndd with Platinum status, there is a free spin of the new VIP gacha, Secret Harp of the Mermaid!

How awesome is that? I am pretty excited to reach that point! If you check out the gacha, there’s a ton of awesome items, including a new feature where an item will change the music in your room!!!

If you win the above item and place it in your room, your music will change! This one has a kind of calm, enchanting underwater song.

You can hear it at the VIP castle! Now you don’t even have to be a VIP to enter the castle! Yes! Love the new updates!

What do you think of the new Line Play updates including the login stars, new VIP gacha, free VIP gacha spin, and new song item?


Line Play Summer House

Since it’s summer, I redecorated the interior of my house to match!

Isn’t the exterior cute? It looks like a beach house!

I made it a summer fun house! I tried to make it beachy, but it has penguins, dolphins, seals and other random sea items haha!

What do you think? Did you change your house for summer?

Line Play Cancam Yukata Gacha

Cancam has a new gacha of beautiful  summer yukata related items!

I like the yukatas but the accessories are cute too including the umbrella with bubbles… but most of all… the pet cat!

It’s a cash gacha, like usual with the Line Play pets (besides with the pet store). There have been other pets in the gachas, but usually those are VIP gachas, and I don’t pay to play often, so I never reach those and those pets are out of my league. I had to post this one because it’s so cute! It still is cash though: 3 cash for the 1st spin and 15 cash afterwards.

I spun once and got the sparkly yukata shoes.. I don’t have enough to do it again. But it was worth a shot to get the cat!

How about you? Did you spin this gacha? Did you get the cat? 

Maybe in a future post, I can talk about how I receive Google Play credit, which I then use to get Line Play cash.

Good luck on your spins!

Line Play Summer 

Line play summer

I like the update to the summer house! It’s super cute! I should also take a snappy during daytime!

I am also thinking of redoing my interior to match! What do you think?

Are there any recent updates you’ve liked? How do you like this summer edition?

Line Play Ariel’s Room

I am not the biggest fan of Ariel or the Little Mermaid, but this is super cute!



Her room is a total under the sea paradise! It’s so cute! I love all the colors, aqua, bright purple and hot colored pinks! It’s so beautifully designed! Kudos to Line Play for making her room so beautiful!

The items are also pretty cute. I’m not a big fan of the items that personify Flounder though (the blond hair with blue highlights and the yellow and blue outfit).

Yay for more Disney 🙂

What did you think?

My Line Play House and Avatar

I refreshed my house! It feels good to redecorate!

This time instead of cute, bright pink, purple, green and blue, I selected a toned down palette to be more sophisticated and less busy.

It feels new and less cluttered! Nice change for summer!


I also changed my avatar. I do that quite a bit, but today’s avatar is a little different than usual for me. It is kind of nautical.


Today feels fresh! I wanted to record this feeling for posterity!