Line Play New Room Tsum Tsum

I am a Tsum Tsum fan so of course I loved when the new Tsum Tsum room and gacha came out! I played it 3x. I got a mini stack of Angel and Scrump. Then I got the headband with Tsums on it. My third spin I won the Dumbo ride!

When I played, Line Play had a promotion, and I also got the floor, wallpaper, and door!

I made my room into a theme park! Come visit me and have lots of fun! Click here!

My Line Play Room

My Line Play Room


Tsum tsum Valentine day event!

Tsum tsum has a Valentine’s Event!


Tsum tsum Valentine day event

It started around February 5th– make sure you update your Tsum tsum app to play!

You can participate by accessing the Bingo cards on the lower left corner of the screen.


Tsum tsum Valentine day box

I just started to play today! And it took me 2 rounds to get the hang of it!

So what is it?

It’s similar to Bingo. There are 3 chocolate boxes like Bingo cards. You need to fill them up with chocolates to get prizes!


Tsum tsum Valentine day how to play

To get chocolates, first you play with a chocolate heart. With a chocolate heart, a chocolate capsule will appear while you play.

The chocolate capsule doesn’t do anything in the game. You can’t connect to it or pop it like a bubble.

You’re supposed to capture the capsule. To capture it, you have to pop bubbles against it OR use skills on it 3 times.

This can be tricky!

I’ve only used Marie and popped bubbles against it.   I have not used skills 3 times on it (I’m not sure which Tsum Tsum would be best for that).

Once you have done that, the game will pause and show that you collected the capsule.


Tsum tsum Valentine day how to play

At the end of the round, the capsule will open and give you a gift.

The gift could be a chocolate, which goes in your box and helps you fill the box for a special prize.

Or the gift could be an item or coins.

I prefer chocolates though! I want to fill all 3 boxes!

Here’s my first chocolate! How exciting!


Tsum tsum Valentine day chocolate

This is where I am so far:


Tsum tsum Valentine day chocolate collection

Can’t wait to fill my box full of cute chocolates! Maybe my Tsum tsums can eat them!

If you have any questions, I’ll try to help. Feel free to comment below and share the fun!