Line Play Updates August 2016

It’s August! Can you believe it? It’s almost the end of summer! It’s time for back to school. You can play Summertime Sadness now.
In Line Play, there’s a new daily log in chart!

With each day, you get 5 stars to become nearer and nearer to VIP status!

At the end of 25 log in’s, you’d have earned 125 stars without spending any money!

This would push you up to Platinum status! Anndd with Platinum status, there is a free spin of the new VIP gacha, Secret Harp of the Mermaid!

How awesome is that? I am pretty excited to reach that point! If you check out the gacha, there’s a ton of awesome items, including a new feature where an item will change the music in your room!!!

If you win the above item and place it in your room, your music will change! This one has a kind of calm, enchanting underwater song.

You can hear it at the VIP castle! Now you don’t even have to be a VIP to enter the castle! Yes! Love the new updates!

What do you think of the new Line Play updates including the login stars, new VIP gacha, free VIP gacha spin, and new song item?


Line Play VIP Premium Status

I am a month overdue on this! But I wanted to share my experience as a Platinum VIP on Line Play.

So in March, Line Play released the VIP system. It made everyone “Gold” VIP status.

Typically you would start off as “White.” When you collect enough stars, you then become “Gold,” then “Platinum,” and then “Diamond.” You collect stars by collecting your daily prize or buying cash.

Since everyone got to be “Gold,” I had a chance to become “Platinum” status easily without purchasing cash.

I collected my daily prize everyday in March. I finally reached “Platinum” VIP status at the end of March without purchasing cash. This is what happened!:


I was welcomed by Sebastian, the NPC for VIP statuses. His progress bar shows that I made it to Platinum! Yay!


Like the rewards say, each time you level up your VIP status, you gain more benefits, and one was the gem reward. I received 10k gems in my mailbox. I hope everyone was able to reach this point!


So there is also a special Platinum VIP castle! Since I finally reached “Platinum” status, I could enter! (If you are “White” or “Gold” status, you cannot enter. I was a peasant ;_; )


The VIP castle is amazing. It is chocked full of beautiful, intricate details! It was like an amusement park to be in this castle or even a piece of art!


Here is a zoom-in of the small details!

Sooo I decided to play the special VIP gacha! I had some cash, and I really liked the items in this gacha– now that I was finally a Platinum VIP, why not?!


This is the first item I won from the gacha! I was so happy because I love rosy cheek make up, and I have a beauty mark, so I love that this make up includes it because it distinguishes and makes my avatar look different than others. (Kind of similar if your avatar has freckles– it makes your avatar more unique :)! )

I decided to try my luck again!


Now I felt really lucky! This was another item that I wanted! In fact, I liked a lot of items in this gacha. But I love ringlets. I love gothic lolita style, and this is perfect for that! Such beautifully designed hair!

I decided that I had tested enough of my luck and that I should save up the little cash that I had.

How about you? What do you think of the VIP system?Did you make it to the Platinum VIP status? Are you currently Platinum?

Line Play 春のチルノAvatar and House



I do not know whether to be more impressed with this house or its owner’s avatar!

This house is full of beautiful treasures! It was very fun to explore all the animated items! The house is also nicely and neatly decorated.

The avatar is also amazing! It has many all of the rarest VIP gacha items! In addition, this avatar has over 1.2 million hearts! How did they even do this? I’ve heard of heart trades, but that’s a lot of heart tags trades do! However, this avatar is so stunning I could believe they racked up millions of hearts!

New Line Play VIP Service Walk Thru

New Line Play has been released!

There is a new service called the VIP Service!

The new VIP Service values everyday Line Play users as well as those who make purchases with money.

Here are some snappies and my explanations from the game:


Invitation to the VIP Service for Line Play from Sebastian

When you open Line Play, this invitation pops up. It is from a new NPC (non-playable character) named Sebastian. He says he’s a butler at the VIP Castle, which is another new place in Line Play.

This front page also tells us that we will receive a free VIP Gold Trial until 3/31/16.

So what is VIP?

I clicked the “Learn about VIP benefits.” Here’s the next screen:


Sebastian in Line Play VIP Service

At the top, it tells me that at the moment I’m a gold VIP member.

It also has more buttons to learn more about VIP.

Today I’m focusing on more about the VIP program. I clicked the button “About VIP”:


VIP information for Line Play

At the top is my current star count and status. I am currently a gold VIP, and I have 0/75 stars. I will need 75 stars to advance to platinum VIP.

The bottom half explains simply that to become a VIP member, you need to earn stars. The more stars, the higher the rank. The higher the rank, the more benefits.


VIP Service Line Play How to rank and earn stars

The top half shows how many stars need to be collected to become that rank.
White = 0-54 Stars
Gold = 55-74 Stars
Platinum = 75-199 Stars
Diamond = 200+ Stars

The bottom half shows how to earn the stars.
You collect stars by playing Line Play including from logging in and when you purchase certain items in the game; typically for gem, cash and heart purchases.


VIP Line Play Rank Benefits

This next graphic shows the VIP Service rank benefits. They are great!

Here is more information:


VIP Line Play Information

Based on this graphic, it looks like every month your VIP rank and amount of stars resets on the first of each month.

You get benefits of your rank one you have earned enough stars.

Your VIP benefits last until the end of the month. Then it resets.

That also means that each time you earn enough stars to rank up,  you re-earn the rank-up bonuses.


VIP Line Play Detailed Information

Above are some straight forward rules of the VIP Service.

I hope this has helped!

Let me know what you have experienced!

Best, Minoto